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How can I close my account and delete all my data?
How can I close my account and delete all my data?

A quick guide on how to cancel your account and have your data deleted

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We aim to make Briefmatic a positive and fun place for you to connect and collaborate with others while focusing on the things that matter and get more done as a result.

We believe this approach resonates with our customers and that they get lots of value out of Briefmatic. However, we also know that things change and peoples needs change with them so, occasionally, customers may want to move on from Briefmatic.

If you would like to cancel or close your account you can email us at any time at [email protected].

If you do ask us to close your account there are a couple of things to note;

  1. We are not liable for any loss or damage following, or as a result of, cancellation of your account.

  2. You must be an authorized representative to create or close an account.

If you're wondering how we manage your data, our Privacy Policy covers the handling, storage, and use of any personal information you submit to us and forms part of our Terms or Service. Check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service here.

If you would like us to permanently remove your data (post account cancellation) you can contact us by emailing [email protected].

Additionally if you have any questions about these Terms, the practices of Briefmatic, or if you would like to give us feedback you can contact us by emailing [email protected].

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