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How to view and manage all your Google "comments" as tasks in Briefmatic
How to view and manage all your Google "comments" as tasks in Briefmatic

This guide explains what happens when you manage your Google comments as tasks in Briefmatic.

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One of the many great things about Briefmatic is that it automatically imports all the comments that have been assigned to you across all of your Google drive documents.

This is super helpful, particularly if you collaborate asynchronously with lots of different people across lots of different documents (docs, sheet or slides), as it can get very difficult to keep a track of who needs you to look at what and by when.

Once all these tasks have been imported into your todo list you can view and prioritise them accordingly.

However, what sets Briefmatic apart from the rest is that it allows you to respond and resolve Google comments from within Briefmatic so you don't have to keep constantly switching tabs or searching for documents.

Here's a quick summary of how to respond and resolve Google comments in Briefmatic.

Step 2 - Connect your Google Drive profile

Connect your Google Drive profile to your Briefmatic account if you haven't already. This will allow Briefmatic to import all your tasks ("comments" that have been assigned to you) from across all your documents in Google Drive. The tasks will be added to your task list as well as the Task board.

Step 3 - Click on a Google Drive task item to open it

Once you have imported all your tasks into your todo list you can view, edit and comment on them by simply clicking on the task in either your list or your Task board.

In both the Task list view and on the Task board you can see the different document types have a different icon. You'll also note the task item includes the number of comments related to that task as well as the task title and the task description.

Task List view

View all your google drive tasks in the Task list within Briefmatic

Task board view

View all your google drive tasks ion the Kanban board within Briefmatic

Click on any item to view the task details sidebar. Once the task sidebar is open you can add or change the title and add or change the due date or description.

Edit tasks from all your apps in Briefmatic

Step 4 - Go To Item

If, having opened an item, you would like to view the task within the actual source document, just click on the Go To Item button. This will take you directly to the comment string in the relevant document.

Click Go To Item to open the original source document from within Briefmatic

Step 5 - Add a comment

Another marvellous feature is the ability to add a comment to the thread in the document but from within Briefmatic itself. Do away with all the tabs and different documents open all over the place and just manage the item inside Briefmatic.

To add a comment just type a message in the section at the bottom of the task side bar and click comment. This will add the comment to your task in Briefmatic and add it to the relevant Google Drive document. Magic.

Add comments to all your tasks from directly within Briefmatic

Step 6 - Complete or dismiss an item

Briefmatic also allows you to complete or dismiss tasks in your Google Drive files without leaving the comfort of Briefmatic.

To mark as task as complete just open the task side bar by clicking on the item in your Task list or Task board. Once the side bar is open, click on the tick icon shown below. This will move the item to Done in Briefmatic and mark the task as Done and hide the discussion in the relevant Google Drive document.

If you use the Task board to drag an item from Done to Doing or Todo the task item will be reopened within the original source document to let everyone know you're revisiting this task. Outstanding.

If you would like to completely remove an item from your Task list or Task board in Briefmatic just click on the stop icon shown below to mark the item as Dismissed. This will move the task to the Dismissed folder in Briefmatic but leave the task Open in the original source document. This is super helpful if you have completed your task but need the thread to stay open within the source document or if you have reassigned the item to another team member.

Complete or Dismiss tasks from within Briefmatic

Now you've checked out the guide, why not give it a whirl with some of your outstanding tasks.

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